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GeoRadar Group are Canada’s leading provider of Ground Penetrating Radar services, Utility Locating, BC Land Surveying, Shallow Geophysical Surveys & Xradar™ Concrete Scanning.

Together with our subsidiary companies - GeoScan, Xradar, and Vuit - GeoRadar Group prides itself on being flexible and innovative. We have a diverse, youthful culture where career development is both supported and encouraged. Continually striving for excellence and pushing for higher standards, GeoRadar Group is client-focused yet employee-driven. We see ourselves as a professional community - a family who likes to have fun - a unique group of individuals unified by the common goal of being the best in our industry.None more exemplary than our partnerships between the brands in the group. GeoRadar Group is a collection of brands; GeoScan, Xradar, and Vuit.

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Our values

Our core values are our guiding principles

Innovation: At the forefront of technical development
We aim to be at the forefront of technological development within our industry and to acquire or develop new equipment, software & technology to further advance our services.
Excellence: Striving to be the best
We strive to be the best in all we do, constantly improving our procedures, services and maintaining a high level of customer service. By prioritizing what our clients need over what they want, we strive to build long term success and client relationships.
Community: Committed to nurturing relationships
Our staff are our strength, and we’re committed to nurturing relationships with the right people, starting by investing in training from day one. We aim to create a fun, social work culture and bond as a team in and out of the workplace.
Honesty: Genuine and sincere, without pretence
We have to be genuine and sincere, without pretence, with our people and our clients in order to succeed. We take responsibility for our actions to forge long term relationships built on trust. We do the right thing in the best interest of the project or the client.
Our Story

“From the beginning we have adopted a unique training philosophy, predominantly hiring graduates in various relevant fields and putting them through our extensive in-house development program to ensure our service is of the highest standards."

Will Meredith, Founder

2010 saw the creation of GeoScan Subsurface Surveys from Vancouver, British Columbia, offering concrete scanning, utility locating, and shallow geophysical surveys. The mission from the beginning was to become the leader in these services, and to be the reliable high quality service provider that Vancouver and the surrounding area needed.

Goals have been constantly achieved by investing in great people and innovative technology, always striving to improve our service. As the service offering grew rapidly using GPR as a predominant method of non-destructive testing, the business’ technology innovations strengthened the grip on the market.

In 2015, GeoScan started branding its Concrete Scanning service as Xradar, and two years later in 2017 Xradar opened up as a standalone brand in Toronto, partnering with a Quebec based company – Radex. Soon afterwards Xradar had offices within British Columbia, and expanded the service offering further to include Vuit 360.

In 2021, the three brands became the newly formed and proudly employee-owned GeoRadar Group.

Our vision

"We are going to continue to expand GeoRadar Group throughout Canada, and then internationally. We have extremely optimistic goals, but we're confident in our ability to achieve them. We've set ourselves up for success by building a fantastic foundation with core values that we live by day-to-day, alongside a fantastic team led by clear mission statements."

Joseph Salazar, Director

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We're so confident in our technicians' ability to scan with accuracy, that we guarantee you will not hit an unforeseen target whilst following our guidance*.

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